Koleka Putuma's Collective Amnesia is translated into Spanish, German, and Danish

Koleka Putuma Amnesia Colectiva

We’re thrilled that our bestseller Collective Amnesia by Koleka Putuma has been or is being translated into three languages. It has been translated into Spanish by Arrate Hidalgo and Lawrence Schimel and published by Flores Raras (released December 2018); into German by the Herman Hesse Prize-winning poet Paul-Henri Campbell, published by Wunderhorn Verlag (to be released June 2019); and into Danish, published by Rebel With a Cause.

Koleka Putuma Kollektive Amnesie

The Spanish version has already received rave reviews, such as Africa LGBT, who write that “Amnesia Colectiva is a brave and determined exploration of transcendental and controversial topics such as South African history, the reality of black women in South Africa, homosexuality or patriarchy[, and] is at the same time an assessment, reminder and revelation of everything that South African society has ignored and relegated to oblivion”

We wish Koleka, the translators, and publishers the very best of luck.