uHlanga signs up with African Books Collective

uHlanga is proud to announce a deal with African Books Collective, in order to make our books available in territories outside of South Africa.

Based in Oxford, England, the African Books Collective is a non-profit distribution co-operative, which represents "149 independent publishers, including university presses, research institutes, NGOs, and commercial publishers, large and small, women and men. They come from 24 African countries, publishing with a focus on African issues and cultural and literary heritage."

This will make all of our books available on a print-on-demand basis in all countries and territories outside of South Africa, and as e-books on a variety of different platforms. According to ABC, this includes Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple’s iBookstore, "along with thousands of other eBook retailers worldwide including Kalahari in South Africa."

We hope this partnership with ABC will allow our books to find new readerships in Northern markets, and to make it easier for our readers and supporters worldwide to easily and affordably buy our books.

Find about more about ABC here.