the myth of this is that we're all in this together
Nick Mulgrew

October 2015 (second ed. February 2018)
ISBN: 9780620676946



"Excellent. [Mulgrew] is distinguished by his concern with the musicality of language [and] the echoing in looser structures of more formal verse. [A] writer who capably handles a wide range of tones, styles and techniques." (Stanzas)

"A quieter voice [...] sometimes a little world-weary, always conscious of the gap between speaking and being heard [...] Mulgrew has a fine ear for the different registers of language that express whole worlds of feeling." (Chimurenga Chronic)

"Quirky and playful. [A] wry satire at the expense of contemporary culture." (City Press)


Equal parts flippant and plaintive, Nick Mulgrew’s first collection of poems is a three-part meditation on the ways in which people lose trust in each other, their communities, and themselves. A poetic lament about poetry itself – as form, act, and occupation – and the ways in which people (generally fail to) connect and communicate with each other. Experimentally laced with monologue, anecdote, and truism, these 32 self-aware, sometimes diary-esque poems languish in the small sadnesses and frayings of a terminally uncertain society in a socially-mediated age.

Nick Mulgrew was born in Durban in 1990 to British parents. He is the author of three books, of which the myth of this is that we’re all in this together was his first. He is, among other things, the winner of the 2016 Thomas Pringle Prize and was shortlisted for the 2017 Nadine Gordimer Award. Currently he lives in Cape Town, where he works as a writer and as the publisher of uHlanga.